We specialize in “strong-willed”, “defiant” kids, most people believe are beyond help.

Many parents and teachers are “at a loss” in how to deal with obstinate and difficult kids.

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  • Crying and sadness can be a form of misbehavior


    “He doesn’t misbehave at home.” That is a common comment from parents that don’t see their child’s emotional response as a form of misbehavior.  We tend to think of misbehavior as overt defiance, disrespect, aggression, or just plain bad attitude. But kids can misbehave in a variety of ways; not all of them have to be in your face.  CLICK HERE to READY Full Article!

  • 'I don’t want to hurt his/her Self Esteem', parents often say..


    Parents often want to talk to me alone for the first session, or at least part of the session. What they tell me usually isn’t profound or a ‘secret’, but rather, they just want to describe some of the behaviors of their youngster.  CLICK HERE to Read Full Article


  • 'Are we getting in our own way?', parents often ask..


    Do you shake your head and wonder HOW to get your child/teen to stop their bad habits such as Getting Homework Done on Time? Constant Arguing with Siblings/Parents? Doing household  jobs? CLICK here to Ready full article

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