"Try & Make Me!" Simple strategies that turn off the tantrums and create cooperation. Dr. Ray Levy's book will answer questions that have been keeping you up nights. Learn how to raise your defiant child without losing your cool. Click the graphic below to purchase your copy today!



Dr. Levy has recorded many of the specific techniques and tools that he teaches parents in session. While a normal session costs near $200, listen and learn many of these tools for a fraction of the costs.

Although these audios are not a replacement for therapy, Dr. Levy regularly has the families he works with download these audios as a supplement between sessions to stay on track and keep their households running smoothly!

(Please Note: For downloads that include a PDF, you’ll receive a “Zip” file that you’ll first need to download to a PC and unzip before uploading to your phone/mobile device.)

Portrait of boy, emotion, angry, grey background

Introduction to ADHD & Strong-Willed kids

What makes a child strong-willed or high maintenance? Why are some kids easier to discipline and raise than others? How can my ADHD child play on his iPad or tablet for hours but can’t focus on his homework for 2 minutes?

Finally, Dr. Levy offers some answers to these questions. Learn how these strong-willed kids think differently than other kids.


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Acknowledgments - Getting Your Kids to Listen

Acknowledgments“I tried praising my child, but it backfires EVERY TIME!” … “WHY WON'T he listen to me?!!?”

Trying to be positive with these children/adolescents can range from difficult to impossible. They misbehave at such a high rate that relating to them often becomes toxic. You feel like all you do is nag; but why can’t they just do what you ask for once? Furthermore, when you try to be positive and supportive, they often disregard or block out what you say.

Dr. Levy will show you a simple technique, called Acknowledgments that REVERSES negative encounters and helps get their attention the FIRST TIME. This technique is especially useful with adolescents.

$ 19.95 (includes Worksheet PDF)

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BLD047983The Good Behavior Game 

Want to get your child/adolescent to listen the first time?

This amazing technique, the ‘Good Behavior Game’, shows you how to accomplish all of this and more.

Unlike behavior charts which don’t work longer than 2-3 weeks, this innovative technique gets your child to work for your approval rather than a reward or privilege. You can use this technique forever, and it requires little effort once you get in the flow of it.

Want your child/adolescent to work on pleasing you rather than the other way around? Try this!

$ 19.95 (Includes Worksheet PDF)

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Ordinary family of three with teenage son having conflictTime Out

Is your home out of control?

Have threats, blackmail and bribes stopped working?

Do what a sports coach would do when the game's getting away from his team: Call a Time Out.

Dr. Levy explains the technique and helps you make the most of it.

$14.95 (Includes Worksheet PDF)

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Mother scolding teenage sonMaking Consequences Effective:   The 4 Types of Consequences

Do you feel like your consequences and punishments are not working? Do you find your child making the same mistake over and over again?

Learn why some consequences are more effective than others.

Listen in as Dr. Levy discusses how to make consequences more of a learning experience and less of a punishment.

$ 6.95

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Happy Teenage Girl Embracing Grandmother From BehindTime Out Do’s and Don’ts for Teens                                                   

Many times we believe our teens are too old for Time Out.

But when done correctly, Time Out works every time.

Listen in as Dr. Levy talks about the simple changes that you can do to make Time Out for teens more effective.

$ 6.95

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Mother scolding teenage sonPractice Academies for Parents (I've Had It With You!)                                                  

Tired of coming home every night to a battle zone? You feel the tension in your neck and shoulders tighten with every block you get closer to home.

First, there will be the struggle over homework. Next, you and your child will argue over things that really don't matter. You've convinced yourself that he argues just for the sake of arguing.

Finally, as the night wears on, you wear down and you either give in or give up. This isn't how you pictured your life, your family. Parenting used to be fun, coming home was a joy. But no longer.

Now is time to turn things around at home, get back in charge and create that happy, loving household that you remembered. Find out how to effectively and successfully deal with these difficult problems.

Dr. Ray Levy has been helping families for years with simple techniques and tools to help you get your kids back in control and on the right track. Check out this audio download and learn what you can do to turn things around today!

$24.95 (Includes Worksheet PDF)

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Practice Academy for Teachers (I've Had It With That Kid!)

I've Had It With That Kid

When you decided to become a teacher you knew there'd be rough days and challenging students.

But you never expected anything like this one kid. Nothing gets through to him.

Hand him an assignment, and he crumples it up as he sneers at you. Set him behind girls, and he taunts them. Set him behind boys, and he becomes the class clown. Put him in time out, and he walks out of the classroom.

He keeps everyone else from learning. He prevents you from teaching. You feel like a failure.

It's time to turn things around. It's time for this kid to learn his place. And it's way past time for you to reclaim control of your classroom.

You're not a bad teacher. This student isn't a bad kid. You just both need a fresh outlook. Dr. Levy can help.

$ 24.95 (Includes Worksheet PDF)

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Light Their Fire! (in downloadable PDF format)                                               


INSTRUCTORS9062009_TNG0Frustrated and burnt out because several of your students are making it difficult to teach? Are you having a hard time reaching these defiant kids?

In this workbook for schools, Dr. Levy leads teachers through a behavior system that helps you get through to the most difficult kids in your classroom so you can make a difference.

Designed to be led by an instructor (Instructor’s Manual-with answers) with teachers following along in their Participants’ Workbooks, this system has been effectively taught and utilized in school districts for years.

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Add to Cart $9.95 per participant (Participant's Workbooks)