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How do I stop my kid once he’s having a meltdown?

Question: How do I stop a full-blown meltdown or temper tantrum? Answer: You’d be surprised how often we get this question. A child or adolescent gets upset and starts a full-blown tantrum with kicking, cussing … you name it. Not fun. And there’s really nothing you can do once a kid is in the middle…

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Why won’t he behave?

Before you can change your child’s behavior you must have a relationship with them.  It is imperative that they know on a deeper level that you care for them. Without a relationship, there will be no behavior change. The term that we use in my office daily is “Rules without Relationship = Rebellion.”   Back…

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Dispelling Parenting Myths

“Sometimes, the way we analyze a problem keeps us entrenched in it…” Let’s say you aren’t getting along with your mother-in-law. If you fall into the myth that “she just won’t change,” she probably never will. In fact, the divide between you and her is likely to spread to the size of the Grand Canyon…

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