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We understand not everyone has insurance and can afford therapy, so we have come up with some alternatives for you and your family!

While audios are not a replacement for therapy, these downloads Dr. Ray created, are proven, tested methods for parents and teachers who constantly deal with high maintenance, strong-willed children and adolescents.

Each of these audio presentations is offered as a downloadable audio, you can listen in your car, on your phone,  iPad or Kindle Fire.  (USERS OF APPLE HANDHELDS): Please note you’ll need to download these files to your desktop then upload to your handheld.

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Introduction to ADHD & Strong-Willed KidsDownload 1 pic

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What makes a child strong-willed or high maintenance?  Why are some kids easier to discipline and raise than others?  How does my ADHD child play videos for hours but can’t focus on his homework for 2 minutes?  In this FREE Download, Dr. Levy offers some answers to these questions.                                                Yes it's Free! Just Add to Cart


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