How do I stop my kid once he’s having a meltdown?

Angry young girl Blowing Steam from earsQuestion: How do I stop a full-blown meltdown or temper tantrum?

Answer: You’d be surprised how often we get this question. A child or adolescent gets upset and starts a full-blown tantrum with kicking, cussing … you name it. Not fun. And there’s really nothing you can do once a kid is in the middle of it.

It’s ugly, isn’t it? And unfortunately, the best way to illustrate this next point is with perhaps even a more unpleasant and graphic image. What happens when a kid gets an upset stomach and starts throwing up? Ever had that happen to you? Is there anything you can do to help your child stop? The unfortunate answer is no, of course not.

Pretty much all you can do in the short term is allow nature to run its course and to help clean it up. But in the long term, you can help them prevent this from happening again. Say your son/daughter had too much junk food, and that led to the upset stomach. You can help him/her make better food choices in the future.

You’re pretty much in the same predicament when it comes to a tantrum. Once your cherub gets started, nothing you do or say is going to end it before its time, but you can take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

You’ll learn about some of these steps in the audio CD, How to GET the Behavior you Want! Your job is to help your kids build the skills they need to avoid an equally unpleasant scenario later.