When your teen says, “You don’t trust me!”

Mother Arguing With Teenage DaughterMany parents have heard their teenagers say these very words to them.

I talk to parents who are afraid to hurt their relationship with their teetering
teen and afraid to hurt their self-esteem, so their response to this statement is an explanation of how they DO trust them.  This is a mistake.  Teens do not say this because they believe it, they say this, because it’s the easiest way for them to turn the tables and get you on the defensive.

Even if you have an adolescent who is well-rounded, works hard in school and has a great peer group, they can still make foolish and often costly choices.

Trust your gut.

If you feel something is wrong, check their phone, make sure you have the password to their Facebook, etc. Do not let them tell you that it is their privacy you are infringing on. Remember, they are minors, they have no privacy.

It is okay to respond with “I’m sorry but no, I don’t trust you.” Sure your teenager may be mad at you for awhile, but rest assured, they will get over it.

Part of parenting is dealing with the negative behaviors and  the venom most kids and teens dish out to their parents when they don’t get their way.

Generally, unless their are other more severe relationship problems, kids and teens get over feeling upset quickly and return to being loving.

Remember, your job is to also protect your adolescent, not tell them what you think they want to hear.

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