Anxiety in Children & Adolescents

Even before COVID-19, we were experiencing epic high rates of anxiety and depression with our children and adolescents. Since COVID-19, these numbers have risen even more.

Children and adolescents will sometimes display anxiety in the typical fashion we would expect:

• Worried about the future
• Obsessed and perfectionistic about their schoolwork
• Worried about storms or intruders
• Requiring constant reassurance from an adult

But often they display their anxiety in non-typical ways:

• Easily agitated and set off
• Escape into videogames
• Avoidance of schoolwork and homework
• Argumentative
• Holding grudges
• Extreme jealousy of siblings

However your child is acting, we are trained on helping your child deal with these feelings in a more productive way. Commonly we also teach the parents on how to handle and help their child/teenager develop better coping skills.