Dr. Trevor Parr

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Parr brings to the practice a unique expertise with defiant and aggressive children/adolescents. Juvenile prisons, psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, alternative schools, foster care, private practice – Dr. Parr has worked extensively with the toughest children and teens in Texas.

Dr. Parr received his B.A. from Texas State University and his doctorate from Texas A&M University-Commerce. When not at work, Trevor enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He enjoys running (slowly), working out, traveling, and avoiding trees while riding his mountain bike.

Dr. Parr believes in empowering the family. The parents Dr. Parr works with are often frustrated, aggravated, and at a loss on how to handle their disrespectful, defiant, and argumentative child or adolescent. With Trevor, parents can expect a brief, solution-focused, family-based approach to tackle the all too common parenting issues unique to raising hardheaded and strong-willed kids and teens. Using a combination of humor and no nonsense/practical strategies, the family will be given the tools they need to address their agreed upon goals and to increase their child or teen’s self-control and coping skills.

School can also be a difficult and challenging environment for kids and teens. For parents who have a child or adolescent who is struggling in school, Dr. Parr has worked with multiple private and public schools for many years. Interventions have included providing assessments, educational plans, teacher and parent presentations, and bully programs to help students with learning, homework, social, and behavioral difficulties.