Reunification Therapy

(PLEASE NOTE: All Therapy MUST be court-ordered)

It goes without saying that divorce is tough. Even when divorcing parents get along, children can have adjustment difficulties. Children suffer more when divorces are contentious … when parents fight – or worse: bad-mouth and bash one another.

At times, the bashing can be so severe that it creates fear, confusion and upset with the children which can lead to them being resistant to the custody schedule or even reject a parent. This is called Alienation.

The courts now recognize these behaviors from parents as a form of ‘emotional abuse’ and order the children and parents to attend Reunification Therapy. This therapy reconnects parents and children and makes it safe for the children to be with their parents again.

At Ray Levy, Ph.D. & Associates, we provide Reunification Therapy along with other forensic (court-ordered) services; such as, individual therapy, family therapy, and parent coaching for divorced families.

(PLEASE NOTE: All Therapy MUST be court-ordered)